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29/02/2016 - 16:19
Picture of a Giant Brazilian Otter wins photography contest
Photo taken by the biologist and photographer Daniel De Granville, from Bonito (MS), was the highlight of the 1st Nature Photography Contest, promoted by the Nature Photographers Association – AFNatura.
Press Office - Rio da Prata Group
Daniel de Granville
Giant Brazilian Otter
Giant Brazilian Otter
The picture shows a giant brazilian otter swimming in the Olho D’Água River, located in the Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata (Jardim-MS). 

Daniel De Granville revealed he had a good feeling the moment he submitted the picture since it received many “likes” from his friends on Facebook. “But honestly, winning the top award was beyond my expectations, since there were 4.400 pictures.

Besides winning the underwater category, the picture won the Luiz Claudio Marigo Award, the main prize of the contest. 

According to the blog “Por trás das Câmeras”, the picture didn’t get the award only for its quality, but also for its high level of difficulty. "Photographing an animal like a giant otter, in clear waters and under the surface, is not an easy task…”, says the journalist Mônica Nunes.

Check out what the photographer said:

This was the second opportunity I had to capture the image of a giant Brazilian otter in the Olho D’Água River, after the first appearances of a young male a few years back in 2011. 

In march, 2015 I heard there was another giant otter, this time a female, back in the river. So I organized some expeditions which consisted in staying in the water by myself and practically static for more than 8 hours a day just for this opportunity that lasted a few minutes. During these days I had the privilege to shoot this amazing scene, this giant otter facing an anaconda in the bottom of the river!

Daniel De Granville also received an honorable mention with a picture of fish. 

The 1st Nature Photography Contest had the following categories: Brazilian Landscape, Fauna, Flora, Fungus and Small World and Man and Nature.

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