Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata
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Frequently asked questions
See below the frequently asked questions about the tour. If you have a question that is not here, please contact us.
 Click to view  Can I take drones​ ​or​ professional​ photography equipment​s​ on the tour?
During the activities, it is not allowed to use equipment that can compromise the ​ecotourism experience​.

The use of ​drones and filming equipment will be ​permited only ​if​ scheduled in advance as a technical visit​.​
 Click to view  Do the wet suits make you float?
The wetsuits are made out of 5 mm neoprene, we provide overalls with long sleeves and shorts, both help you stay floating. There is also the option of using a life jacket in addition to the wetsuit. The depth of the river varies, most of the time it is shallow, but there are some parts that are deeper.
 Click to view  Can the tour be done in the afternoon? Do I have to buy my ticket beforehand or can I pay on-site?
The tour can be scheduled for the afternoon, but the exit times depend on the season. The last exit in February is 14:30 pm. Reservations for the tour are made in advance through local tourist agencies, in Jardim or Bonito.
 Click to view  I have a beard and mustache, can this interfere in the snorkeling?
Yes, because for the snorkeling it is necessary and mandatory to use a set of mask and snorkel, and the mustache and beard can interfere with the mask, not letting it be watertight. Therefore, it is recommended that you come for the snorkeling with your beard done.

Its is forbidden to wear only swimming googles for the snorkeling. A mask and snorkel is required and provided by the tour.
 Click to view  Does Rio da Prata offer transport service to and from Bonito?
No, it doesn't. But you can find these services in the tourism agencies in Bonito.
 Click to view  Does Rio da Prata accept credit cards?
Yes, all purchases made on the farm including the bar and the souvenir shop can be made with credit or debit. The price of the tour will be paid directly to the tour agency.
 Click to view  Do you have underwater cameras to rent?
Yes, in the main house of Rio da Prata there is a rental service of underwater GoPro digital cameras, recording the images in a microSD card.

 Click to view  What are the medical restrictions for the snorkeling tour?
• Women up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, must see safety procedures below.
• Women with high-risk pregnancy or after 24 weeks of pregnancy cannot participate on the tour.
• Visitors with recent invasive surgery (up to 30 days), epilepsy, stroke history, heart problems (heart attack, heart failure and/or pacemaker), history of anaphylaxis, cannot participate on the tour.

Safety procedures for pregnant women:

- Your tour should be scheduled preferably at the coolest hours of the day.
- Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.
- Do not perform the activity if you are not well fed or feeling well disposed. After the tour starts, you will be in a place where emergncy removal will be time consuming and difficult.
-  Do not perform the activity if you feel breathless.
- Go down the stairs very slowly, taking pauses to breathe.
- Pregnant women can not do apnea or breath-holding during dives.
- Try to stay hydrated during activity. Bring mineral water.
- Pay close attention to the stairs and observe irregularities in the terrain during the trail, avoid stumbling, falls and falls.
- The neoprene suit and lifejacket needs to fit well to the body and to be comfortable, it can not be tight. 
 Click to view  I would like to know more about the RPPN
Private Natural Heritage Reserves(RPPN) are areas of nature conservation on private land, created by the owner as a way to help preserve the environment. 

Can any area be recognized as a RPPN? 
In principle, yes. Decree No 1922/96 states that the area must have relevance to biodiversity or have environmental characteristics that justify its recovery. 

What are the activities that can be performed in RPPNs? 
These areas aim to conserve environmental resources of the region, and support the development of scientific, cultural, educational, entertainment and leisure activities. 
It is also possible to develop economic activities that do not jeopardize the ecological balance, such as ecotourism. 

How does creating a RPPN benefit the owner? 
- Tax exemptions on rural property (ITR). 
- Priority in the analysis of grant resources from the National Environment Fund (FNMA) and for project development.
- Preference in the granting of agricultural credit. 
- May have technical and financial support from non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 

What does "save character in perpetuity" mean? 
This is a requirement of Decree No 1922/96 and means that the area will be protected forever. The heirs of the property must comply with RPPN, and if the property is sold, new owners will also need to keep the area as it is. There is no way to revoke the recognition of the title of the reserve. 

What is the process of transforming an area into a RPPN? 
After defining what part of the property you want to transform into RPPN the owner should seek the Superintendent of IBAMA or the Department of Environment, and submit the following documents: 
- Evidence of field, with registration in the office of Registration of Real Estate responsible; 
- Portfolio of identity of the owner in the case of an individual; 
- Discharge of Rural Property Tax (ITR); 
- Plan of situation, indicating the limits of the area to be recognized as RPPN and the location of the property in the municipality or region. 
There will be publication in the Official Gazette to recognize the area as an RPPN. 

(Source: Private Reserves of Natural Heritage - WWF-Brazil Pantanal forever)
 Click to view  I use glasses, do you have prescription masks?
We do not have prescription masks. We recommend to tourists who wear glasses the use of contact lenses. We provide glasses cases to protect your glasses during the tour.

It is forbidden to wear only swimming googles for the snorkeling. A mask and snorkel is required and provided by the tour.
 Click to view  I have small children, can they do the tour?
The minimum age for the tour is 06 years old, children under 12 must be accompanied by parents or guardians.
• Guardians are responsible for children obeying safety regulations. 
• If a child has to interrupt the tour and return to the main house, it is mandatory that a guardian returns with the child. 

 Click to view  Is it necessary to reserve in advance for periods of school holidays?
Reservations for the tour in the Rio da Prata are made through the tourist agencies in Bonito. It is good to make a reservation at least one month in advance, in order to get the day and time of your choosing. School holidays (July and January) are high season in the region of Bonito.
 Click to view  What animals are found in the Rio da Prata?
Because of Rio da Prata's location in the Cerrado biome, you can find brown capuchin and black howler monkeys, south american coaties, ocelots, azara's agouties, giant anteaters, crab-eating foxes and large amount of bird and fish species and much more!
 Click to view  It is necessary to know how to swim to do the tour?
Most of the river is relatively shallow, and you can easily stand up, as a last resort, (it is better to float so as not to raise sediment or hinder the pace of the group). Knowing how to swim is recommended on the tour. Exceptions for people who don’t know how to swim have been made in the past. However, even if the person does not know how to swim, in order to do the tour you have to master the use of a diving mask and snorkel.
 Click to view  Is Rio da Prata open every day for visitation?
We are open every day of the year (including holidays, Christmas and new years), but the tours must be booked in advance through a tourist agency in Bonito or Jardim (MS).
 Click to view  What is the distance from Bonito to the Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata?
The distance from Bonito to Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata is 50 km (31 mi), with 18 km (11 mi) of dirt road in good condition and the remaining distance in asphalt. You should leave Bonito about 1 ½ hours before your tour is scheduled.
For example, tour 10:30, departure from Bonito at 09:00. From Jardim, we recommend leaving 45 minutes to 1 hour before the hour of the tour.
 Click to view  What equipment is required for the snorkeling?
Mask and snorkel, neoprene boots and suits are the mandatory equipment for the snorkeling, already included in the price of the tour. The lifejacket is optional because it is not necessary for flotation.
 Click to view  What is the temperature of the water?
The water in the source of the Olho D'Água, at the beginning of the tour has a constant temperature year round of 24°C (75°F). The temperature is ideal, cool in summer and warm in winter, even if the outside temperature is low. Of all the tours in the region of Bonito, the Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata presents the warmest water.
 Click to view  What is the duration of the tour and the total distance traveled?
The tour lasts around 3 hours and 30 minutes. The tour consists of a trail in the forest of around 1,800 m, followed by snorkeling down the river.