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Jardim and Bonito
Bonito and Jardim are small cities located at the Bodoquena Mountain Range, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The region has tropical climate, pleasant all around the year.

Worldwide ecotourism destinations, being awarded for eleven years in a row by the country’s leading travel and tourism magazine, Bonito differs from other ecotourism destinations because of its tourism and attractions infrastructure and organization, and for its environmental concern.

Peaceful streets, abundant nature, and most diverse styles of accommodations and gastronomy transform Bonito into a nice place to visit!

The region’s main attractions are natural landscapes, rivers of crystal clear waters, grottos and caves, and its amazing fauna and flora, specially the large diversity of fish species. The tours are in private areas and offer acivities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, bird watching... 

Ecotourism has been the region’s main activity for over 15 years, and is always in constant improvement, striving for minimal impact visitation practices and best quality of services.

Bonito is considered an ecotourism example because of its innovations for local tourism:
  • Creation of a document called "unique voucher";
  • Existence of Private Reserves of Natural Heritage (RPPNs);
  • Obligation of tourism guides in every tourism attractions;
  • Formation of groups associations;
  • NGO’s and governmental organizations that coordinate and organize the local ecotourism;
  • Aim at regional sustainability and environmental conservation.
For those who enjoy adventure, the region offers ecoturism and adventure activities for the whole family.

One of the most looked for attractions is the snorkeling tour on the crystal clear waters of the Prata river, in which shoals of fish of different species follows you through the course.

Tours like rappelling, scuba diving, horseback riding, hiking, rafting, trails, cave visiting, river tubing, birdwatching and swimming in natural pools formed by the waterfalls should be highlighted, as well.

Delicious breakfasts and snacks, with different types of cakes, cookies, cheeses, breads, butters and margarines, exotic fruit, juices, teas and much more; and lunches, with handmade dishes and exotic meats such as alligator and "pintado" fish (typical of the region) are some of the unusual choices found in the area's gastronomy.

The city offers over 4,000 beds including hotels, guesthouses and hostels, with options for all tastes and pockets. There's a hostel affiliated to the Hostelling International network, which offers visitors quality, economy and interaction with travelers from different countries, all in one place.

Due to its proximity, you can also extend your trip and take a visit to the Pantanal, another ecotourism experience in Brazil that you must see!