Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata
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Lagoa Misteriosa
Ecotourism activities offered:
  • Nature contemplation
  • Trail and Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
Trail and Snorkeling: 

The tour begins with a short interpretive trail through the forest that surrounds the doline, an opportunity to observe the rich diversity of fauna and flora.

The trail leads to the observatory, where you can admire the beauty of trees that covers the 75 meters deep doline, and see the Mysterious Lagoon at its bottom.

The access to this lake of blue waters is made by a staircase of 179 steps, comfortable and safe. Groups are limited to 10 visitors, always accompanied by a local guide.

Arriving on the access deck to the Mysterious Lagoon, the visitor receives the equipment that will be used for the snorkeling: mask, snorkel and life jacket. For those who choose not to snorkel, you can admire the blue waters of the lagoon.

The snorkeling is indescribable: contemplate the vastness of the Mysterious Lagoon, the vision of the two blue abyss on the bottom, the fallen tree trunks, the deposits of white sand, the small fish that glow with the light beams.

The snorkeling  is carried out in a circular loop in the Mysterious Lagoon.

Total duration of the tour: about 1h40min

Because of the proximity of the attractions you can do the trail and snorkeling tour in Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata on the same day of the Mysterious Lagoon tour.

Scuba diving:

The recreational diving at Mysterious Lagoon includes three categories:

Baptism or Discovery Dive: a totally safe and comfortable scuba diving experience for people who do not have a diving course. Maximum depth reached: 8 meters. One visitor per instructor, except when visitors already have previous experience of scuba diving, in which case it will be possible up to two people per instructor.

Basic: for whom is certified Open Water Scuba Diver. Maximum depth reached: 18 meters. Up to two visitors per instructor.

Advanced: for whom is certified Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver. Maximum depth reached: 25 meters. Up to two visitors per instructor.

The medical restrictions for the tour are pregnant women and people with heart problems. 

Cave diving:

The Mysterious Lagoon is the perfect local for technical diving. At 8 meter deep two tunnels are open, with about 10 meters in diameter, that join again at the depth of 50 meters, forming a single canal that descends vertically over 220 meters deep.

Lagoa Misteriosa
External View
Divers in Lagoa Misteriosa
Diving in crystal clear waters
Lagoa Misteriosa - Jardim, MS, Brasil
Lagoa Misteriosa
Lagoa Misteriosa - Jardim, MS, Brasil
Fluctuation in Lagoa Misteriosa
Diver in Lagoa Misteriosa
Diver in Lagoa Misteriosa
Lagoa Misteriosa - Jardim, MS, Brasil
Estância Mimosa Ecoturismo
Ecotourism activities offered:
  • Trail and Waterfalls
  • Horseback Riding
  • Birdwatching
In the ranch's main house, visitors can taste a homemade snack with typical teas and cookies. After this cozy reception, it is time to go on an interpretive trail through the gallery forest of Mimoso River, reaching eight waterfalls of various sizes and shapes. 

Along the way, there are places suitable for swim under waterfalls or in natural pools, there are small caves, suspended wood trails, obsertatories, a small boat ride and a 6-meter high diving board. The tour is an unforgettable adventure for all ages and a unique opportunity to rest and relax. 

To ensure quality, safety and nature respect, the groups are limited to a maximum of twelve visitors which are always accompanied by a specialized local guide, the tour also has a certified Safety Management System. Approximate duration of 3h30min. Snack, guide, life jacket and accident insurance are all included in the price of the tour. Neoprene boots are available for rental.

Other optional tours offered are: Horseback riding and Birdwatching.
Estância Mimosa
Estância Mimosa
Estância Mimosa
Trail and Waterfalls - Estância Mimosa
Estância Mimosa
Waterfalls at Estância Mimosa
Waterfalls at Estância Mimosa
Birdwatching in Bonito - Estância Mimosa
Lunch at Estância Mimosa
Snack at Estância Mimosa
Horseback riding