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Scuba diving

Besides snorkeling, you can also discover the underwater world of the Prata River at our scuba diving tour at Rio da Prata (Prata river). The tour is accompanied by a professional diver who will lead the visitor through this spectacular world of crystal clear waters, rich with fish and vegetation. An excellent oportunity to enjoy the unique experience of fresh water diving.

The diving occurs at a depth of 5 to 7 meters. Besides the beauty of the underwater scenery, you will be surrounded by many species of fish. The depths of a river are very different than its surface. Rays of light, wooden trunks and rock formations reveal surprises at every moment, like shoals of small fishes shining in the sun.

At the deck of Rio da Prata river the visitor will receive training, as well as all the basic instructions about scuba diving. Afterwards, the instructor will help every one to get equipped for the tour. On average, the diving lasts around 30 to 40 minutes.

The tour can be made by any person above 10 years old. No previous experience in scuba diving is  necessary. If you already are a certified diver, this is an excellent oportunity of fresh water diving.

When the visitors are not certified divers, only two people can dive at the same time with one instructor. When the visitors are certified divers, up to 4 people can dive at the same time with one instructor.

The sensation when you dive in Rio da Prata’s clear blue waters is that you are flying above the bottom of the river, along with the fishes. You feel completely connected to nature and intensely alive!

Surprises at every moment! That's what the diver will find submerged in the crystal clear waters of Rio da Prata.

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Scuba diving.
Tourist during diving tour.
Rio da Prata.
Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata.
Dourado fish in Rio da Prata.
Diving in Rio da Prata.