Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata
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Trail and snorkeling

The tour starts with a trail through the gallery forest of the Prata River and its tributary Olho D'Água River. The area is perpetually protected by a Private Reserve (RPPN). Along the way, among the rich flora, it is possible to observe exotic birds, monkeys, tapirs and other wild animals.

The trail leads to the main spring of Olho d'Água River where the snorkeling tour begins and where you will experience the sensation of floating in an immense aquarium of crystalline waters. Rare geological properties make these waters unique. 

You will snorkel downstream until the meeting of Olho D'Água with Prata River while you enjoy the sight of different species of fish and aquatic plants.

At this point, you can choose to either continue snorkeling or embark on a small boat with an electric motor until the end of the tour. The visitor also has the option to not descend the river, and instead snorkel around the main spring; afterwards taking a small boat ride down Rio da Prata.

To ensure quality, safety and respect for nature, the groups are limited to a maximum of nine visitors and are always accompanied by a specialized, local guide.  The tour lasts approximately 3 hous and 30 minutes.

The proper equipment for the snorkeling is provided and constitutes of neoprene wetsuits and shoes, mask and snorkel. Equipment is included in the tour price, as well as accident insurance and the tour guide. For your comfort and convenience the ranch offers a bar and a souvenir shop with exclusive products.

The snorkeling tour has a Safety Management System certified by ABNT and INMETRO. Click here to learn more about it!

Click here to view the frequently asked questions about the tour.

Click here to view the preliminary information of the tour, for example what you should bring! The use of sunblock and insect repellent is prohibited to avoid water contamination.

Download the map with the trails of Rio da Prata!

At the same day you can also visit Lagoa Misteriosa, snorkeling and scuba diving tour in crystal clear waters!

Tourist during the tour.
Fishes at Rio da Prata.
Dourado fish.
Snorkeling tour.
Crystal clear waters.
Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata.